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Products List
1,2 Dichlorobenzene
1,2,3 Trichloro Benzene
1,2,4 Trichlorobenzene
1,3,5 Trichloro Benzene
2 Chloro 4 Nitro Aniline
2,4,5 Trichloro Nitro Benzene
2,4,5 Trichloroanline
2,5 Di Chloro Aniline
2,5 Di Chloro Nitro Benzene
3,4 Dichloro Nitro Benzene
3,4 Dichloroaniline
4 Chloro 2 Amino Phenol
4 Chloro 2 Nitro Aniline (Para Chloro Ortho Nitro Aniline -PCONA)
5 Chloro 2,4 Dimethoxy Aniline (DMCA)
Tertiar Butyl Catechol

Meet The Management
Meet The Management



Empirical formula : C10 H14 O2
Packaging : 20 lt galvanized drums, 200 lt HDPE bags
Minimum purity : a) 98.5% (Solid) b) 84-85%(Liquid )
Moisture : a)Less than 0.2% b) 14-15 wt%
Appearance :  a) white crystalline solid turning pinkto light brown on storing b)slightly yellowclear liquid turning to brown on storage
As a Stabilizer for Monomers, Gum Inhibitor, Styrene, Butadine, and Urethane Catalyst Inactivator